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  • Where are you located & do you have a retail location?
    Our farms are located in the best part of the pecan belt in Macon and Crawford counties in central Georgia. We do not currently operate a retail location which allows us to have the lowest prices on farm fresh pecans!
  • Do you offer a guarantee on the product you sell?
    Absolutely! We guarantee every product we sell through our website. If you have any issues with your order please let us know so we may promptly address your concerns. You may also visit Refunds and Returns for additional details.
  • Can I speak with someone on the phone to place an order?
    We prefer our customers place their orders online as it provides them a safe checkout experience without the need to give their personal information out over the phone. We understand there are times when you must speak with someone on the phone. If you need phone assistance, please send us an email and the owner will return your call as soon as possible. Please allow up to 24 hours for personal calls as we are working hard to harvest and process all these delicious, farm fresh pecans.
  • Can I submit a gift list?
    We always welcome gift lists. You may email us your gift list with the desired product(s) for each, or all, recipients and we will take care of everything for you. Based on the quantity ordered, you may also qualify for a percentage discount. We will be able to email a single invoice for the total of the entire gift list to make payment quick and easy! We make company and holiday gifting a breeze!
  • Can I include a gift message in lieu of a receipt?
    Absolutely! There is a spot to make a gift note at checkout or you may email us, at the time of placing your order, to add your gift note. We also have a standardized letter for most occasions that we can include in lieu of a customized note, if desired.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    We typically ship orders within 24-48 hours or sooner. We ship via UPS or USPS depending on destination and service speed. If ordering candy pecans, when available, we suggest our customers outside of the Southeast select 2 day or expedited shipping to ensure maximum freshness without heat damage. Candied pecans will only ship Monday through Wednesday to ensure arrival prior to the weekend. Please see the map below below for UPS Ground shipping transit times. The UPS Ground map contains gold, green and reds while the USPS Priority may contains blues. UPS GROUND USPS PRIORITY
  • Are your pecans peanut free?
    Our Natural Halves and Pieces are 100% peanut free from field to packaging. To be perfectly clear... our tractors, wagons and equipment are not used for any other product other than pecans. Our cleaning plant and shelling plants are both peanut free environments. Our flavored pecans are processed in a confectionery that also prepares peanut and cashew products. If the product itself has peanuts in its ingredients, it will be listed in the product description. Feel free to email us with additional allergy concerns or clarifications at
  • What are your shipping rates?
    We currently offer below cost, tiered shipping rates. Shipping rates are per delivered address. $24.99 & Under = $6.50 $25.00 - $55.00 = $9.50 $55.01 - $99.99 = $5.50 Orders over $100 Receive FREE Shipping! *Some promotions may include reduced shipping rates below the standard rates above. **Gift lists may be granted reduced shipping rates or percentage discounts.
  • Why are your products not available in grocery stores?
    Grocery stores do not properly store pecans. Pecans should be treated like fruits and vegetables and stored in a refrigerator or freezer... not on a room temperature display. At room temperature the nuts become dark and rancid as the healthy oils and fats in the nuts breakdown leaving an unpleasant flavor to the dark, rotting pecans. If you want poor quality, rancid nuts, do not buy from us...I would suggest you visit your local grocery or big box store as they are sure to have low priced, rancid nuts available. We only sell farm fresh pecans direct from our orchard to your door because flavor and quality matter.
  • Are you a large corporate farm with a family name?
    We are absolutely not! We are a small, family company where our days consist of actively working on the farm with a handful of American workers. We hire local staff to work our orchards along side us and we personally handle all communications. We don't have out-of-state or country email or call centers. Every dollar spent on our products goes to our families and charities and not an investment group, corporate execs or stock holders.
  • Do you sell and ship in-shell pecans?
    We typically do not sell in-shell pecans because the economics are truly terrible for our customers. Pecans are approximately 50% shell by weight. To cover the additional shipping cost of the shells, we would have to charge a higher effective rate on the in-shell pecan kernels than the shelled kernels. We would make more money, but it would not be a good investment for our customers, so we generally do not offer in-shell. *Bulk exceptions can be made.
  • Do you sell to restaurants, bakeries and farmer's markets?
    Absolutely! We would love to get our farm fresh pecans in your place of business! Please email us so we can reach out and see if we can't get a better pecan product in your place of business! Email:
  • When are pecans harvested in Georgia?
    We typically start harvesting our early pecan variety, Pawnee, in late September to early October, and our Caddo, Oconee, Desirable, Excel, Cape Fear, Morrill and Creek varieties follow soon after. We typically finish harvesting in mid to late January. After harvest and shelling, your pecans are stored in cold storage to ensure maximum freshness at any point during the year.
  • If it is not harvest season, how are your pecans "fresh"?
    This is one of the key differences between our pecans and grocers or large box stores... we keep our pecans in cold storage (essentially a big freezer) which keeps pecans at their peak freshness for over 2 years. However, we do not sell pecans that are not the current year's crop unless notated as an end-of-the-year crop sale in preparation for the new crop.
  • How are your prices so low? Are you selling last year's or imported pecans?
    We never sell last year's pecans (excluding end of year/notated clearance sales) and we only sell our USA/Georgia grown pecans. We are able to sell at near cost prices by not operating a retail location and operating on the margins. While the prices are much lower than our competitors, we guarantee you are still getting a better, Georgia Grown product at a better price. As our logo says, "Better Pecans, Better Prices".
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